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Welsh Singles Sought by Scarlett Moffatt – The Return of Streetmate


Move over Davina McCall, your crown as queen of the dating programmes has been claimed by Scarlett Moffatt for the return of ‘90s dating show Streetmate. The Gogglebox star and Queen of the Jungle is heading to Cardiff for singletons to star in the show when it returns this year.

The series will see Scarlett hitting the streets of towns and cities across the UK to help those feeling down on their luck in love. Originally hosted by Davina McCall, the show returned for a one-off special in October as part of Channel 4’s Stand Up to Cancer campaign, and followed runs on Channel 4 and ITV (where it was hosted by Holly Willoughby).

Scarlett couldn’t be happier to be part of the new show. She says that she remembers watching and being inspired by Davina on Streetmate when she was younger – and that the show opened her eyes to the possibility that entertainment shows could be presented by women as well as men.

Scarlett said “It’s such a fun show, and it’s two of my favourite things to do: chat to randomers and a love story.”

The new series is set to begin broadcasting in August.

Is it worth dating your best friend?

Tinder may have opened our eyes to the many people out there, but after scrolling through countless profiles, it’s probably not a surprise to many to find that a number of men and women are turning to their best friends as potential romantic matches.

A recent survey of over a thousand people between the ages of 18 and 54 asked if the risk of dating a best friend was worth the possibility of finding true love. Of a surprising 76 percent of the people who said they had tried starting a relationship with their best friend, twenty nine percent said it had resulted in marriage.

If the relationship had gone sour however, only fifty one percent got their best friend back, which makes the decision one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Sixty five percent of respondents said that they had seen friendships destroyed by dating attempts, and a similar number cited dating breakups as being responsible for breaking up whole friendship groups.

It’s probably no great surprise to hear that men are more open to the possibility of romance with their best friend than women with nearly two thirds ready to consider it. Nearly two thirds of those men admitted to having sexual fantasies about their best friends. By comparison the figures are nearly sixty and fifty percent respectively for women.

The form of relationship does seem to have a huge disparity on the numbers for men and women when looking at ‘no-strings’ hook-ups. Some fifty four percent of the men were open to the idea as opposed to twenty two percent of the women. It’s interesting to note that forty two percent of the women interviewed said that they would rather be celibate for the rest of their lives than date or have sex with their best friend.

Where both men and women did agree was on their plans to woo their friends if general dating didn’t work out. About half of all the people who took part said that they would consider marrying their best friend if they hadn’t settled by a some specific age.

My Tinder experience

So, I finally gave in and signed up for Tinder. Everyone has been raving about it. Hot guys, dates, fast, easy to use, revolutionising dating blah blah..

If you have never heard if it, where have you been? Its a dating app that promises “Tinder is how people meet” – Link

What a disappointment. Out of all the 11 matches I got, every single one of them was a creep. Not one of them was looking for a relationship. Now, I’m no prude but without fail, within the first couple of messages every guy asked in their own ‘unique’ way if I wanted to ‘hook up’. Not one guy was interested in finding out anything about me. I received a few compliments but even those were thinly disguised cheesy lines. Guys –  “Nice breasts” is not a compliment.

Well, after a week of using Tinder I decided to delete the app once and for all. If I wanted to hook up or swap suggestive messages I would have gone straight to a site like Flertz. At least the creeps on there as not trying to pretend they want to get to know you as a person first. I honestly don’t know how a ‘dating app like this can try to claim to be a serious dating application. At best its a waste of time, at worst its normalising disrespecting women. Maybe I’m just out of touch but I honestly cant see the appeal. Goodbye Tinder, you will not be missed!

London nightclub launches a night for fat women

Big beautiful women partying at the club

Big beautiful women partying at the club

The stand up comedian Miranda Cheesman has launched her own club night for overweight women acording to the Telegraph online.. The club night named Club Indulge is the brainchild of Miranda and her friend and plus-size fashion blogger Naomi Griffiths who were fed up of some mens attitudes on nights out and wanted to do something positive for larger women living in London.

“I have had experiences where a guy walks up to you and offers to buy you a drink and you look over his shoulder and his friends are jeering and laughing and nudging each other I just think it would be nice to go to a place where men buy you a drink and they mean it”

When I saw this I wondered what the point of this was. Lets be real for a moment. Many people go to bars and clubs to meet people of the opposite sex so, what is the point of a nightclub full of overweight women? Then I read the following -

The club night in London is open to plus-size people and ‘their friends and admirers’

this leads me to believe nayone can attend which kind of defeats the point in my opinion. If you want to meet larger women there are lots of websites for that. If you want to dance and have fun, go to a nightclub which doesnt label you as ‘fat’

Are casual encounters sites just one big scam?

There has been a lot of talk recently in the UK press about online dating scams especially focussing on so called casual encounters sites which claim to connect people looking for casual sex or even an affair. Whatever your moral stance on these types of sites, are they actually a genuine way to meet people for sex or are they just a scam to separate you from your hard earned cash?


First off, let me start by saying there are some genuine casual dating sites out there with thousands, even millions of real members. BUT there are also a lot of fake sites, sites that use questionable methods to entice new members and sites that have absolutely no regard for your personal information.

Adult dating sites are probably the easiest way to find a f-buddy or some no strings sex if you find the right site. Hell, many of my single buddies have been very successful at finding loads of girls looking for sex on such sites but saying that, some of these guys have also had success finding girls on free dating sites like Plenty of Fish.


Try before you buy.

Look out for special offers and free trials. Most of the respectable adult personals sites offer some sort of free trial. Whether it’s a free day of full access or a permanent account with limited messaging options, getting the chance to try the site out first is the best way to gauge how good or bad a site is. Avoid any sites that ask you for your credit card details to activate your free trial. It’s an all too common scam and you card will most likely be charged whether you want or not. With so many victims of this kind of fraud not reporting it for fear of having to explain to their card issuer what type of site they were trying to use.

Check out some bigger online dating brands. Many of the well known dating brands also offer a casual hook-ups section tucked away discreetly. I would rather trust my personal details to a well known brand with a good track record than to some fly by night operator I have never heard of.


In summary, there are some legit sites out there offering a genuine service. Just use common sense and trust your instincts. If you are bombarded with messages from hot women within moments of signing up especially if you haven’t even uploaded a photo yet, chances are these are automated messages from fake profiles. If you are asked for your credit card to ‘activate’ your free trial be prepared to be charged. In short, if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

Lets be cereal, long distance relationships suck

You must be mad to want to have a long distance relationship. What on earth is wrong with you? Why on earth would you want to pick an evening of talking on Skype or Face Time with someone the other side of the country when you could be having a night down the pub with a couple of drinks instead with someone? It really does beggar belief. People will give you all sorts of reasons why, of course, they’ve chosen this path and I’m sure we all know someone who has taken the plunge and is full of the joys of spring about it all. They’re all loved up and finding it all worth it, and you know what? None of us believe it. We can see the pain and misery mixed with denial and desperation. I know what I’m talking about – I used to be in one a few years back. Then I woke up and took a long hard look at myself and came to some honest realisations. It was rubbish, neither of us was happy and it was dragging us both down into the dirt.


Sites like Perfect Partner focus on finding local matches for singles.

It’s not all bad. Keeping the fire alight over the short term can and does work in many cases but if you are going to be apart for a long period maybe due to work or studies, keeping the relationship going can be hard. Before you take on the challenge you need to know what lies ahead.

As much as you tell yourself it will be OK, love will conquer all and all the other mushy stuff you see and read, the harsh reality is long distance relationships take hard work and commitment on both side to work. If one of you isn’t committed the relationship is doomed from the outset. From the moment those nightly texts or skype calls starts to turn into weekly calls. The anxiety soon starts to build. Why are they too busy to call, are they still interested, where are they going and with who. This can quickly escalate into a untrusting relationship and the cracks will soon start to form.

The amount of time that you have been with someone is no guarantee that you’re going to be with them for the rest of your lives. If you’re super loved up and everything, then that’s great for you but be prepared to face an awful truth. Long distance relationships rarely work out – and inevitably when they end, they end messily. Don’t believe for a minute that you’re somehow going to end up still being friends or occasionally hooking up in a friends with benefits situation when you both happen to end up in the same place at the same time. It never ends well, and at least one of you is going to end up crying.

It’s tempting to stay with someone just because you’re comfortable and bouncing along safely – but resist it. Comfortable very easily becomes bored which is only a short step away from ‘I have to get out of here’. And trust me, there are people who are just as amazing living not very far away from you who will give you far less drama. You’ll just never know it if you don’t get the hell off Skype and try living for a change. I really hope you listen to me and escape the fate of those people who get old and sad, regretting that they stayed too long in a dysfunctional long distance relationship that sapped their will to live – because no one likes listening to them. Take care out there now.

How To Find Love A Second Time Around

Old couple in loveWe all know how difficult it is to successfully find love the second time round, so why not take a look at our simple five step plan. We think it will help make the whole thing less traumatic.
It happens to far too many of us – maybe you’ve got divorced, or otherwise got over someone who broke your heart, or perhaps instead you’ve finally come to terms with losing someone far too early in your life. Your relatives and friends are probably not being shy and retiring about telling you to get out there and start the search for someone new, and that may actually be helping a bit towards feeling ready. Then reality hits, and you realise that you haven’t been on a date for a very long time.
No one wants to look like a complete fool, and when you’ve been blissfully out of touch with the dating scene it’s very easy to start panicking about where to get started again. Don’t worry; you can make it all work for you instead of feeling like you’re on a helter-skelter.


  • Step One – Decide what you want. It sounds obvious but what would make you happy? Are you looking for a friend, a lover, or a companion who combines the best of both? The decision is entirely yours. The only way that you’ll be able to move on is for you to be able to recognise what you miss, what makes you happy and what you won’t put up with.
  • Step Two – Decide how you are going to date. There are so many options now, from the old fashioned approach of introductions through friends, or online dating sites – tip: there are a number of dedicated mature dating websites exclusively for mature singles. Then again, you may prefer to try speed dating or perhaps you could pluck up your courage and chat to someone new in the local supermarket. Go for whichever approach appeals to you.
  • Step Three – Write down what you’re looking for in your new partner. Should they be funny, or caring or are you just going for looks this time? Perhaps it’s all about the brain and an intellect to spark off, or would you rather have someone you can relax on a sunny beach with? This is generally what we call compatibility, and it’s one of the most important elements of a lasting relationship. Most dating websites have some sort of filtering service to help you make that match with the right person, so thinking about it now will make it easier in the long run.
  • Step Four – Decide how you are most comfortable corresponding with your date. Are you happy to dive straight into face to face contact, or would you rather start off more slowly with emails, online chat or phone calls?
  • Step Five – Get started and put all these decisions into practice. Life and dating are both about taking chances and learning as you go along, so if your first approach doesn’t work, change tack and and have another go. As they say, variety is the spice of life, so go for it.

Mature dating advice kindly provided by Just Say G’day,  find more great dating and relationship advice in their weekly blog

Tips and Pitfalls in Long Distance Relationships

long-distance-relationsipIt can be very easy to get wrapped up in a great long shopping list of advice about how to manage yourself and your relationships. Sometimes it’s just useful to have a simple checklist of things to keep an eye on as a reality check. With that in mind, here are some tips and some things to watch out for in your long distance relationship.


  • Don’t be afraid to speak up about anything that is worrying you.
  • Always be the real you, not the person you think your partner wants you to be.
  • Trust is absolutely the key to making things work.
  • You will both go through periods where one or the other of you is busier than the other. Don’t panic, just keep each other in the loop. If you are the one who is going to be busy, let your partner know ahead of time. If you are the less busy person, take advantage of the extra time. The important thing is to stay flexible.
  • Always try to be positive and happy when talking to each other, whether messaging, texting or calling. The support you give each other by being supportive about what they do is essential to help through times of doubt.
  • Avoid temptation – there will always be situations and people who come your way, so don’t make life any more difficult for yourself and avoid the situations you can.
  • Always listen whenever your partner suggests something that might make the relationship stronger. Even if you both decide not to go for it, the fact you have listened and been open to talking without pre-judging it will make you both stronger.
  • Always be there for your partner. Always.
  • Tell your partner you love them every day. It’s easy for doubts to creep in, so make sure they know how you feel.
  • Living apart gives you both a great opportunity to keep doing your own things while maintaining your connection. Enjoy and appreciate the flexibility and room it gives you as some form of balance to your having to be apart.


  • It’s easy at first when love and passion are the driving forces of your relationship, but over time you’ll need more effort to show commitment. This is normal, so get into the habit of making every effort as soon as possible.
  • Long distance relationships are hard, there’s no two ways about it. In large part this is because being away from the person you are emotionally attached to will cause emotional swings. It’s easy for simple fears to get overblown and overtake your loving feelings, so do your best to keep talking and keep things in perspective when you have disagreements.
  • It can be a lot easier to get into arguments too, because text messaging is notoriously unhelpful at conveying people’s tone making it easier to misinterpret things. It can also be a lot easier to be abusive or hurtful when you’re not talking face to face because they aren’t right there with you. Always take the time to think about what you’re saying and how you say it – and if you are unsure about what someone has said, ask them to clarify.
  • By the same token it is entirely natural to disagree and have fights. How you deal with that is a test of your relationship whether you are together or at a distance.
  • Every relationship takes hard work and dedication so don’t be surprised to find yourself feeling tested by twists, turns and bumps in the road. Over time you will come to appreciate the contribution these trials make towards strengthening your relationship.
  • Long distance relationships are just as trying as short distance, or proximal ones. This doesn’t mean that that they don’t work. There will always be people who will be happy to tell you that it has no chance, but they aren’t the ones who are in it and trying to make it work. Don’t listen to anyone who seems determined to convince you of the hopelessness of your situation.
  • Remember that your strongest ally in this is your partner and the trust that you have in each other. Nurture it and support each other, because nothing will poison what you have quicker than allowing paranoia to flourish.

There are a wealth of local dating websites out there that specialise in connecting local people rather than simply throwing everyone into a huge pool of members to fight it out between themselves.

Sara Cox BBC R1 online dating no no’s

sarahcoxSo, this week Radio One’s Northern hottie Sara Cox was talking about what NOT to write on your online dating profile which prompted some ammusing tweets and responses from her listeners as well as some of Sara’s own tips. Some of her tips included:

  • Avoid sounding like a serial killer “ive killed once and will do it again”
  • Don’t sound desperate “im not getting any younger, my body clock’s ticking”
  • “Don’t ponder the wirdness of others on online dating sites”
  • Never say you are high maintenance
  • Never say, you have tried everything else and online dating is your last resort
  • Blokes, never brag about your car

Listeners favorite quotes from dating websites included:

  • “i’m not a wierdo”
  • “Hi, I’m Maurice, executive by day, wildman  by night”
  • “I’ve got breasts and a bum, I dont look like Keira Knightley but im not massive”

Sarah encouraged Twitter users to use the hashtag #onlinedatingnonos

Including the following

19 Jun

“Are you from Japan? Cause I’m tryna get in Japanties.”

19 Jun

I’ve been watching you for ages! Lol……awkward silence

Free Online Dating Services

Free Online Dating Services

Article by Amit Raju

Do you have several memberships on internet dating services but have yet to meet the woman of your dreams? Are you new to internet dating services and still unsure whether you want to be part of this new community? Well, take no chances because free dating service sites are here to help you. You do not have to maintain several paid dating service memberships because there are free dating services that will offer you the same services at no extra cost. Of course, free dating services aren’t as comprehensive as the paid ones are, but they work well enough without the added burden of an extra cost. Also, if you are just starting to try out internet dating, then free dating services are the thing for you. This is the best way to try it out if you don’t want to commit to a monthly charge for dating services that could cost a month or more. Free dating services work the same way as their paid counterparts. The only difference is that some benefits are withheld from you, like sending messages; but other than that, free dating services lets you build your very own personalized profile and upload photos to go with it. Not only that, you also get to view other member’s profiles once you sign up, along with regular weekly or even daily updates about your latest matches! internet dating is a great way to meet new people. You can freely talk to men and women from all over the world without having to move away from the comfort of your home or office. Free internet dating services give you a taste of what it’s like to meet people in this new age. Do not hesitate to try free internet dating services; after all, you have nothing to lose except for time. So why not give free internet dating services a chance?