Are casual encounters sites just one big scam?

By | August 19, 2013

There has been a lot of talk recently in the UK press about online dating scams especially focussing on so called casual encounters sites which claim to connect people looking for casual sex or even an affair. Whatever your moral stance on these types of sites, are they actually a genuine way to meet people for sex or are they just a scam to separate you from your hard earned cash?


First off, let me start by saying there are some genuine casual dating sites out there with thousands, even millions of real members. BUT there are also a lot of fake sites, sites that use questionable methods to entice new members and sites that have absolutely no regard for your personal information.

Adult dating sites are probably the easiest way to find a f-buddy or some no strings sex if you find the right site. Hell, many of my single buddies have been very successful at finding loads of girls looking for sex on such sites but saying that, some of these guys have also had success finding girls on free dating sites like Plenty of Fish.


Try before you buy.

Look out for special offers and free trials. Most of the respectable adult personals sites offer some sort of free trial. Whether it’s a free day of full access or a permanent account with limited messaging options, getting the chance to try the site out first is the best way to gauge how good or bad a site is. Avoid any sites that ask you for your credit card details to activate your free trial. It’s an all too common scam and you card will most likely be charged whether you want or not. With so many victims of this kind of fraud not reporting it for fear of having to explain to their card issuer what type of site they were trying to use.

Check out some bigger online dating brands. Many of the well known dating brands also offer a casual hook-ups section tucked away discreetly. I would rather trust my personal details to a well known brand with a good track record than to some fly by night operator I have never heard of.


In summary, there are some legit sites out there offering a genuine service. Just use common sense and trust your instincts. If you are bombarded with messages from hot women within moments of signing up especially if you haven’t even uploaded a photo yet, chances are these are automated messages from fake profiles. If you are asked for your credit card to ‘activate’ your free trial be prepared to be charged. In short, if it seems too good to be true it probably is.