Monthly Archives: May 2014

My Tinder experience

So, I finally gave in and signed up for Tinder. Everyone has been raving about it. Hot guys, dates, fast, easy to use, revolutionising dating blah blah..

If you have never heard if it, where have you been? Its a dating app that promises “Tinder is how people meet” – Link

What a disappointment. Out of all the 11 matches I got, every single one of them was a creep. Not one of them was looking for a relationship. Now, I’m no prude but without fail, within the first couple of messages every guy asked in their own ‘unique’ way if I wanted to ‘hook up’. Not one guy was interested in finding out anything about me. I received a few compliments but even those were thinly disguised cheesy lines. Guys –  “Nice breasts” is not a compliment.

Well, after a week of using Tinder I decided to delete the app once and for all. If I wanted to hook up or swap suggestive messages I would have gone straight to a site like Flertz. At least the creeps on there as not trying to pretend they want to get to know you as a person first. I honestly don’t know how a ‘dating app like this can try to claim to be a serious dating application. At best its a waste of time, at worst its normalising disrespecting women. Maybe I’m just out of touch but I honestly cant see the appeal. Goodbye Tinder, you will not be missed!