Is it worth dating your best friend?

Tinder may have opened our eyes to the many people out there, but after scrolling through countless profiles, it’s probably not a surprise to many to find that a number of men and women are turning to their best friends as potential romantic matches. A recent survey of over a thousand people between the ages [...]

My Tinder experience

So, I finally gave in and signed up for Tinder. Everyone has been raving about it. Hot guys, dates, fast, easy to use, revolutionising dating blah blah.. If you have never heard if it, where have you been? Its a dating app that promises “Tinder is how people meet” – Link What a disappointment. Out [...]

Are casual encounters sites just one big scam?

There has been a lot of talk recently in the UK press about online dating scams especially focussing on so called casual encounters sites which claim to connect people looking for casual sex or even an affair. Whatever your moral stance on these types of sites, are they actually a genuine way to meet people [...]

Sara Cox BBC R1 online dating no no’s

So, this week Radio One’s Northern hottie Sara Cox was talking about what NOT to write on your online dating profile which prompted some ammusing tweets and responses from her listeners as well as some of Sara’s own tips. Some of her tips included: Avoid sounding like a serial killer “ive killed once and will [...]

Free Online Dating Services

Free Online Dating Services Article by Amit Raju Do you have several memberships on internet dating services but have yet to meet the woman of your dreams? Are you new to internet dating services and still unsure whether you want to be part of this new community? Well, take no chances because free dating service [...]